Frequently Asked Questions

Many women feel that abortion is the best option for them, but hesitate because of concerns regarding the medical procedure. Following are the questions we hear most often, with our answers supported by careful research. It is important to underline that anti-choice groups, intent on preventing abortions, have spent a lot of money supporting research that will make abortion appear unsafe. Their money also goes into the dissemination of this false information. You may come across this information and be worried. Pro-choice groups have looked at the available research and support findings published by unbiased researchers. We use these findings to answer women’s questions.

Is abortion safe?

All medical procedures carry some degree of risk. Abortion is in the category of minor medical procedures and as such has one of the lowest rates of complication. To put things in perspective, abortion is considered to be twenty times safer than childbirth.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to book an appointment?

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to make an appointment. You can make the appointment at your convenience and at your request.

Do I need my parent’s or my partner’s permission?

No, you do not need parental or partner permission to book an appointment or to have an abortion.

Do I have to pay for the procedure myself or is it covered under my health plan?

Currently, the province of New Brunswick does not honour the Canada Health Act (CHA) and does not cover services performed in facilities other than hospital under their provincial health care plan. As such, patients are required to pay for abortions obtained at the clinic.

How late can a woman have an abortion?

At the Morgentaler Clinic, abortion is available up to 16 weeks of pregnancy. If the pregnancy is beyond our 16 week limit, we refer the woman to another service, either in Quebec or Ontario.

Is the procedure going to hurt?

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and conscious sedation and lasts approximately 5 minutes in duration. Most patients experience mild discomfort and cramping, similar to menstrual cramps.

While pain tolerance varies depending on the person, we do our best to minimize your discomfort and will adjust medication dosages as required.

Will I be able to have children after an abortion? What if I have had more than one abortion?

Current research shows that having an abortion will not interfere with or affect your ability to have children in the future. Abortions performed in a safe and competent manner with no complications have no affect or bearing on your future fertility.

There is no research or statistical data to support the belief that having more than one abortion will damage or affect fertility. In fact, 1st trimester abortions are very low risk procedures and have one of the lowest surgical complication rates of all surgeries performed in Canada.

Statistics Canada reports that in 1995, less than 1% of abortions in Canada resulted in any complication at all. The earlier the abortion, the lower the chance of any complication.

Is it possible to get pregnant after an abortion procedure?

Yes! If you do not practice safe sex you absolutely can get pregnant, whether you have had an abortion or not.

As part of our abortion aftercare guidelines we highly recommend that you refrain from sexual intercourse until you have had your post abortion check-up. However, if you do choose to engage in intercourse, we encourage you to practice safe sex by using the birth control method of your choice.

An abortion procedure does not prevent pregnancies.

Is it possible to get an IUD inserted while I am at your clinic?

Yes! If you would like to have an IUD inserted we can most likely do it the day of your appointment at the doctor’s discretion. We charge an additional $70.00 for the Copper IUD or $350-$400 for the Mirena. If you have drug insurance coverage you may be able to get reimbursed for this cost.

For more information on IUDs, and other forms of birth control, please check out:

What is the Morning After Pill / Emergency Contraceptive / Plan B®?

Firstly, they are all the same thing! The Morning After Pill, Emergency Contraceptive and Plan B are all emergency contraceptives that can be used in the following situations:

  • When you’ve had sex without a contraceptive
  • The condom broke, tore, slipped or was misused
  • You forgot to take two consecutive birth control pills
  • Your diaphragm dislodged or was removed too early
  • You miscalculated your fertile period when using the “rhythm method”
  • In case of sexual assault

Emergency contraceptive significantly reduces the risk of pregnancy after unprotected sex or when your contraceptive fails, if taken within 24 – 72 hours after unprotected sex. However, emergency contraceptive is more effective when taken within the first 24 hours with a 95% success rate. The longer the delay in taking emergency contraceptive, the less effective it will be.

Please know that emergency contraceptive is not a replacement for your regular form of birth control. It does not provide long term protection against future pregnancies. It will not protect you against sexual transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.

If you already have a confirmed pregnancy, emergency contraceptive is not an option for you.

Emergency Contraception is now available without a prescription at your local pharmacy.

Will anyone find out I had an abortion?

Your visit to our clinic is completely private and confidential. We are bound by the New Brunswick Privacy Act and all regulations governing patient confidentiality. We respect your right to discreet abortion care services.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, you may bring one person with you into our facility. Due to safety and privacy protocols that person will not be able to accompany you into the medical area.

How long will the appointment take?

Generally the appointment process takes approximately 3-4 hours, with the actual abortion procedure taking approximately 5 minutes.

How should I get to the clinic?

Our patients cannot drive to or from the clinic. If you arrive at the clinic without someone to drive you home, you will be rebooked automatically, even if you have a driver coming later. There are NO exceptions to this rule as it is for your own health and safety that we must enforce the no driving policy.

Will there be protestors? Will I be safe?

Yes there will be protestors, and yesyou will be safe. Protestors are prohibited by law from blocking or restricting access to our facility. We have volunteer escorts (wearing bright yellow vests) outside who will greet you and ensure that you make your way into the clinic. Please note that anti-abortion protestors have a “centre” next door, which they try to disguise as the clinic. Please see our ‘Directions’ to see our clinic, noting the “CLINIC 554” on the front.

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