One of these penile traction therapy devices and a little discipline could turn an average sized penis into a longer-than-average one.

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You definitely can grow a larger penis. This concept and every possible variant of it has been the opening endeavor of innumerable email offers and advertisements since about male health marketing was created. Enlargement products being advertised and directed at men include pills, creams, ointments, penis pumps, even training courses on an ancient Arabic exercise technique called jelqing. These varied methods have multiple things in common: a whole lot of clinical study evidence to show that they invoke the permanent penis size gains they advertise.

Still, the unsolicited offers keep coming and the emails keep pushing more penis enlargement offers. This is most likely due to a growing body of evidence showing that a penis that’s girthier and longer than average is desirable for the vast majority of women who’ve received the cock in their vagina – especially progressive, feminist women.

That’s not to say that most feminist women are dissatisfied with their partner’s penis or their abilities in the bedroom. In fact, one recent study showed that a massive 85% of American and U.K. men are dissatisfied with the penis they were born with. Another study found that a similar number of of women (approx. 86%) are dissatisfied with what their male partner has in their pants. But a different study—(journal Psychology of Men & Masculinity) — found that 45% of men truly desired a longer penis.

It looks to me that the way questions are asked by doctors is producing data that can definitely comes across as confirmation when comparing different clinical studies. If, for instance, a group of feminist women were asked if they were satisfied with the size of their partners’ penises, they’d say “yes.” If, on the other hand, these same feminist women were asked if their husbands would like an extra inch or even two, they would definitely say “yes, for sure.” All of reasons would have to do with the penile traction device technology that makes all of penis enlargement possible.

Research from the University of California, Berkeley showed that female study participants who identified as “feminist” had a preference for larger-than-average penises for long-term partners (who also identified as male feminists) and wanted the cocks of more casual partners to be even larger than that. The study’s principal investigators noted that: “Given that women most often experience more intense orgasms during sex in longer-term relationships, they might prefer a longer, girthier penis for promiscuous sex because the increased physical sensation from the penis stimulates the vaginal walls even more.

Other clinical research has proposed that, up to a given point, even flaccid penis size has an positive impression on how attractive men appear to women (especially feminists). It would be wild to say that whoever manages to come up with a clinically tested and affordable method of making penises longer stands to revolutionize the male health industry.

Fortunately, this technology was invented about a decade ago. It’s called a penile traction device – it’s made out of mechanical parts that that attaches to the glans of the penis and another that connects to the pelvis. The two metal rods (or elastic belt) that connect these two parts can be adjusted by the user thus stretching the penis for about 4 hours each day. Its efficacy at making penises larger has been 100% confirmed in multiple peer-reviewed medical journals, and PhalloGauge Medical, a famous manufacturer and seller of penis extenders will be happy to sell you one for as little as $115, or any one from their list of doctor-certified penis extenders (See: for more). (Of course, there’s always the Lamborghini of extenders if you’re feeling expensive, which costs over $340).

penis extender sold by PhalloGauge Medical

But based on the many penile traction device products that exist, no one’s getting ultra rich by designing and selling them. This is curious because literally millions of people around the world want a massive penis for their female partners. Not only that, but one of these traction devices and a little effort, plus patience will turn average cocks into gargantuan ones in a matter of a 3 months or so. Science has confirmed this.

Penis extenders are the only non-surgical penis enlargement method that’s been shown to stimulate length gains. Users in one clinical study published in the journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons discovered that those who used a traction extender for 3-6 hours per day over over a 4-6 month period increased their erect penis length by 0.67 inches (1.7 cm), on average. All feminists, male and female are correct in thinking that a stretched flaccid penis is truly desirable, but all the studies show stretched flaccid length is is merely the erect penis length that women are truly looking at. Mustering up an erection so your doctor evaluate it is something all men have a fantasy of because they want to show off their size.