The Morgentaler Clinics have been setting the standard for excellent abortion care services in Canada for over 35 years. We are the abortion care service leaders, delivering exceptional patient care using advanced medical techniques, superior technology, and progressive and personalized counselling.
In 1968 Dr. Henry Morgentaler opened his first clinic in Montreal. It was the first freestanding abortion clinic in Canada to offer safe abortion services. Seven other Morgentaler Clinics followed in six different provinces to provide Canadian women with access to safe and compassionate abortion care services. The Morgentaler Clinics are located in the following areas:
 Edmonton, Alberta
 Fredericton, New Brunswick
 St. Johns, Newfoundland
 Toronto, Ontario
 Ottawa, Ontario
 Montreal, Quebec
Dr. Morgentaler’s determined and tireless efforts to challenge Canada’s unjust and oppressive patriarchal abortion law eventually paved the way to the historic Morgentaler decision of January 28th, 1988 by the Supreme Court of Canada which decriminalized abortion and made reproductive choice a hard won reality for all Canadian women.
It is the goal of every Morgentaler clinic to provide each patient with a safe and compassionate atmosphere in which competent, professional and personalized abortion care services are delivered.
The Morgentaler Clinics are there for you and we want you to know that we are here to help in every way we can.